Monday, 16 September 2013

Procedures for the Forgiveness of Debts (Luke 26)

1. Debt forgiveness authorisation levels

1.1 Nobody may forgive debts except at levels A4-D5.

1.2 Debts may only be forgiven up to 10% of debt value

1.3 Debts can only be forgiven upon authorisation of Debt Forgiveness Form DF5/AC2 - countersigned by the Debt Executive.

1.4 Proposed debt forgiveness can only be approved by the weekly Debt Forgiveness Council, with three weeks' notice. Notice to be given in writing.

1.5 In case of breach of any of these rules, or accidental typos, all governance steps must be carried out all over again. "Be perfect" is, after all, the company motto.

1 6 When in doubt, don't forgive the debt.

1.7 Forgiven debts may be reactivated in case of Force Majeure, war or civil disturbance.....

1.8 .... or if you think they should have paid for it, after all.

2  Conditions of Debt Forgiveness: Rules to prevent abuse

2.1 No steward who is already in debt may forgive debts

2.2 No employee serving notice may forgive debts

2 3 No employee may forgive more than one debt at a time without approval

3. Ownership of Debts

3.1 Debts remain at all times the property of the Management.

3.2 In case of dispute, ultimately the forgiveness of debts resides with the Management alone. Debt forgiveness can only be contracted out to approved employees acting according to these regulations.

4. In case of breach

4.1 In case of any infringement, offenders are encouraged to throw themselves on the mercy of the Management. You never know.....

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