Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Church and the use of Drones

We were shocked, but not surprised, to hear that the Church of England profits from a company that sells drones. And it led me to add two and two together.

It is only now that I know what that buzzing noise has been during Occasions. We were thinking it was just Burton practicing his preaching style, but now we realise it is something more sinister. Eileen has been spying on us.

Not able to relax on her "sabbatical", she has been beaming images of the goings-on in the Moot House back to base to ensure that we remain as lightly tied to tradition, orthodoxy and common sense as she is herself.

We are not going to put up with this kind of behaviour. Young Keith is spending this afternoon building a new and improved laser. We reckon we'll have knocked the drone out of the air by halfway through Filling-up of Beakers.


  1. The problem with drones is that there's more than one. And, Eileen has recruited Bee's and other flying insects to carry miniature cameras and microphones to record every word spoken and every action taken while she is away.

    And remember, when she gets back - it will be payback time. Her Cricket Bat, hobnailed, steel toe capped boots have been totally refurbished and she is returning with the contents of the London Dungeons surplus torture apparatus on a use or return basis. And I know that she has no intention of taking up the return option :(

  2. I may have to turn up with my lamp-post, if only to defend the delectable Burton Dasset.

    By the way - you can take the drones out with exorcist missiles - the V1s anyway. The V2 mob are a bit more tricky. Wherever they land they wreckovate places of worship, dropping tambourines, day-glo polyester vestments, and poison liturgical gas that leaves the smell of bad theology behind - and they have a half-life of 50 years.


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