Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Ecumenical Experiment Has Failed

So I didn't get a great greeting from Drayton Parslow this morning. He knows he doesn't have any option but to share St Bogwulf's Chapel with us, but he doesn't like it. And he has asked - yet again - if we can stop leaving the more "creative" stuff laying around.

Yesterday evening, for example, we were celebrating our "Messy 3 months till Xmas Eve". A great idea we had to bring Christmas forward into the gloomy times of Autumn. But we left some of the liturgical craft materials behind at the end, each thinking the other would pick it up. In particular, Jenii, my new Trainee Druid, is supposed to clear up after us, but she was a bit delayed trying to get out of the squirrel suit (Jenii's a size bigger than me, and is needing the animal suits for children's work taken out a bit). 

So Drayton had his weekly "Fear and Self-Loathing in Husborne Crawley" service last night. He was mid-way through a detailed passage of the fate awaiting sinners. He looked up from his (rather detailed) text to see the reaction of the congregation. And he saw that they were all busy making papier-maché models of the Blessed Virgin.

This whole unhealthy co-location has got to end. Thankfully, Moot Houses don't take long to erect. The materials are all on site. We're just trying to round up enough Amish to get the thing erected. 


  1. How does a trainee Arch Druid (Charli) get a trainee Arch Druid (Jeni)?

    Surely, that's like 'the blind leading the blind' and given some of the nonsensical stuff you're getting up to there, it makes some sort of sordid sense.

    Eileen in new Anglican identity, must be spinning in her cassock and surplice and her scarf must be ready to be used as a self harm tool :(

    As for dressing up trainee's in animal suits, that's really naff. Surely, you could get the real thing, terrify the life out of the kids and they'll never bother you again!!

    1. Experience tells me that Isaiah 11:6 does not make a good subject for a tableau vivant.

  2. I never imagined Bogwulf Chapel as a mediaeval church building. I pictured some kind of tin tabernacle. So how did the Funambulist Baptists get hold of that edifice? Or, perhaps we should ask, how did Eileen get hold of it, and how did she persuade them to rent it from her? This isn't even the real Husborne Crawley church. Charlii, did you post a picture of one of Eileen's Trim Valley churches by mistake?

  3. As for animal costumes, perhaps you should get the ones banned by Chessington World of Adventures because they even scare the real animals!

  4. This may help, Peter?


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