Sunday, 29 September 2013

The issue of Male Archdruids Arises Again

Some people are complaining that, in appointing Jenii as Trainee Druid, I have missed a vital chance to empower men by allowing them to join the mainstream of druidic enhancement.

I have pointed out to them the usual explanations. Druidism, as I point out, is about sacrifice. It is not about leadership. As "those that are first shall be last", being a druid is in effect about choosing to be servants. Men should not aspire to these roles - they are not missing out on anything. I know that in response people say that the Welsh druids include men. To which I say - yes. But look at them. What sort of argument is that?

In particular, there have been complaints that Hnaef's designation - as the representative of the less-emotionally-balanced sex - indicates that he is inferior. Being a "NAPDLE" (Not a Proper Druid Like Eileen") suggests some kind of inferiority. And, on reflection, I have to accept that it does sound a bit dated.

So, from now on, Hnaef has been redesignated as a "NAPDLEC". "Not a Proper Druid like Eileen or Charlii". And from 2017, we will allow one man to be on the "Druidical Appointments Advisory Moot". Just in an observer role, but you've got to move with the times. I'm glad to have righted an injustice.


  1. It seems to me to be a counter-productive argument you are employing. For a start, 'DRUID' is a masculine title, it's assumption by a women is something to be deplored. And, to add insult to injury, she is described as an Arch Druid, when patently that is also a male designation.

    The correct title for a Druid is in fact a 'Druidess' which represents the complementary role that women had with the druidic movement in ancient celtic times. Complementary, not superior!!!

    You obviously need a firm injection of Anglican or Catholic theology, where the male headship and women's complementarism is amply documented and specified to this day, despite the demands of the revisionist elements within those denominations.

    So, the Arch Druid(ess) is subordinate to any male, and definitely to any male druid or arch druid.

    You will note from the linked content that the Romans thought of women as possessions - perhaps a return to their rule might sort out these anomolies.

    1. The Romans were the most evil, industrially-nasty, ghastly bunch right up to the Nazis. Compounding their horrendous behaviour by claiming it was everybody else was uncivilized. They killed Jesus and then managed to take over the Church.

      Beaker Druids, otoh, were gently, feminine folk who lit tea lights and sang haunting music while their menfolk fulfilled the destiny and design of their sex by moving large amounts of rock around the countryside.

  2. This is the thin end of the wedge, Charlii, and I predict tears before Beltane. I let a Warlock join my coven once and lived to regret it. They get very moody when their football team loses, and we got into severe trouble last year with a smallholder in Pott Shrigley when he sacrificed all their goats to secure the Premier League for City.

    1. We let in Roy wood from Wizzard once. We had to ban him in the end. That "baby" in the song is 42 now, and the jiving's not so cute. Just going on about it the whole time didn't help.

    2. Bit of a syncretist, old Roy. All those references to Christmas, and angels and so forth. I can't be doing with half-hearted pagans, no matter how authentically druidical their beard appears.

  3. As the great-granddaughter of a (self-styled) Welsh Druid I feel uniquely qualified to support Charlii's opinion of the true place of men in the Druidic hierarchy. i.e. at the feet of the (always) female Archdruid.

  4. "Beaker Druids, otoh, were gently, feminine folk who lit tea lights and sang haunting music while their menfolk fulfilled the destiny and design of their sex by moving large amounts of rock around the countryside"

    This indicates that my contention that 'Druidess' is the correct title for female, subordinate druids. Getting men to re-arrange the furniture (or buildings) is a typical tactic employed against the male head to disenfranchise them from their historic heritage.

    As for the aspersions that you cast upon the Romans, their only fault was that they got themselves bogged down in war on too many fronts, allowing the MALE led barbarians to overcome their resistance.

    While the government of the country has given into political correctness and has removed the primacy of male children in the succession to the throne, I'm glad to note that the Royal Prince has reacted by producing a male heir. There are ways of overcoming female resistance..


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