Saturday, 14 September 2013

Uninformed Youth Organisations

Yes, I'm afraid that this weekend's special "Campfire Revival" for the Beaker Scouts has gone much as we expected.

They turned up at the Moot House, as nobody had told them it had burned down. And they had guessed the service was last night, not this evening, because the leaders hadn't read the leaflet. They didn't know our camping field isn't illuminated, so they stumbled around in the dark. And, not having read the forecast, they came with just sleeping rolls and no tents, to "be able to fall asleep looking at the stars."

They have all gone off, bedraggled, wet, and hungry - they didn't know our kitchens are closed for a refurb.

Don't get me wrong. I know they're important. But they're very hare work, the uninformed youth organisations.


  1. Is this a failure of process or one of actual discouragement?

    Perhaps Charli would prefer the Uniformed Organisations to be dressed in military regalia and jack boots, marching about with flags and a band, for all the world like a Private Army or Charli's enforcers?

    The Uniformed organisations a re a valuable resource for our Churches. They encourage involvement by the parents, they are decorative at such occasions as remembrance and assist (or get in the way) at Church fetes and such like.

    They also do useful work around the community and are the eyes and ears of the community for security and safety and just lovable mischief.

  2. Dear UKViewer,

    Charlii was not talking about "Uniformed (Youth) Organisations" but "Uninformed Youth Organisations", and even then she does not deny their importance. It is just that the lack of information that they have makes them "hare work" (which I presume means "a lot of running around after them").


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