Tuesday, 17 September 2013

When the Saints Come Marching In

Please could the Beaker Folk note that, while we await the rebuilding of the Moot House, we need to be considerate that we are sharing the Bogwulf Chapel with Drayton Parslow's Funambulist Baptists.

They've shown a very kind attitude in accepting they've no choice but to share with us. And it's only right that we tidy up afterwards.

This afternoon's Reverencing the Eastern Saints was bad news for Drayton. Using life-sized cardboard cutouts instead of the more traditional icons gave us a real feeling of being "surrounded by a cloud of witnesses". But when Drayton popped in at tea time, all those big-eyed saints scared the wits out of him in the half light. I last saw him running across Big Meadow, screaming "We're being invaded by heaven!"

You'd have thought he'd have been pleased. Still, let's try and avoid it happening again.

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  1. Perhaps the Carboard Cutout Saints are a reflection on Beaker spirituality. A rip off of ancient culture and paganism with a sprinkling of post-modern celebrity worship.

    No wonder Drayton was terrified, his chapel desecrated by such a culture most have been most worrying - still, the bonus for him is that they will be able to be used by his parishioners in future fundementalist services as targets for his machine gun platoon, formed to put down alternative religions.


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