Monday, 30 September 2013

When Self-Awareness Strikes During Psychologically Manipulative Worship Leading

"So..... if we can all sit quietly with our eyes closed.

Now.... If anyone suddenly feels unaccountably angry thoughts about me, please put your hand up......

Ooh. That's a lot. Now, if you all keep your eyes closed..... Amy, start the car...."


  1. Just when I thought I was recovering you've got me thinking about ERMC again!

  2. The issue with self awareness is how uncomfortable it can make others.

    The staid, steady, middle of the road, contented person, suddenly becomes the vocal, noisy, driven, humourless extremist.

    Only one way to deal with this sort of thing. A cricket bat or steel toe capped boot delivered with loving force as appropriate.

    Now, the Arch Druid Eileen was well aware of this, until she went on Sabbatical, she'd have had the sense to know when people were trying to be self aware and would have snuffed it out much earlier.

    Still, I suspect that Apprentice Arch Druids need to be self aware themselves before they learn that lesson.


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