Sunday, 19 October 2014

An Ecumenical Dilettante

Shocking. At the "God and Gaia in Creative Harmony" service, I was accused of "picking and choosing" Church traditions. Someone suggested that we just went through the various different denominations, pinching the bits we like.

To avoid any such accusations, I should make it quite clear:

We in the Beaker have a Catholic sacramentalism;
Congregationalist ecclesiology;
Arminian soteriology;
Anabaptist eschatology; 
An Anglican approach to Reason in theology;
Orthodox pneumatology;
Celtic cosmology;
And a Methodist set of crockery.


  1. That sounds like my response when asked a question about my 'churchmanship' - 'I'm an Evangelico-Catholic-Francisco-Bapticostal'! Which says it all!

    1. Good to know there are two of us.

  2. Ooooh nostagia, that crockery, chapel Sunday School, Jesus with the children on the wall and an abundance of homemade cakes. That special chapel smell and Golden Bells belted out accompanied by a creaky harmonium.

  3. and Beryl, in other words.

  4. Everyone needs some Beryl. And preferably in green. The yellow was an aesthetic travesty.


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