Monday, 27 October 2014

Not Wearing Feminism on Your Sleeve

Alerted by the New Statesman to the fact that David Cameron is refusing to wear one of Elle magazine's feminist T Shirts, whereas Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband wore them. I guess this raises a number of questions for me:

1)  Maybe he's a busy chap. Like Ed Miliband he has the press and back-stabbing party members to deal with. Unlike Ed, he's also running the country. And let's face it, power's been good for David Cameron.  Maybe they didn't have a big enough T-shirt. Or he didn't think he'd look good in it - unlike Ed.... Or maybe he doesn't just have to do whatever a fashion company demands.

2) If Nick Clegg ever again sacrifices whatever passes for Lib Dem principles for a share in government, will there be any Lib Dem women in Cabinet next time? Just to prove it's more than T-shirt wearing?

3) What's a paper called "New Statesman" doing banging on about equality? Consider first the plank in thine own etc.

4) Who originally didn't know the difference between Ed and David Miliband? The editor of Elle or the reporter on the New Statesman?

he knew Nick Clegg and David Miliband had agreed without hesitation,

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  1. I believe that confusion of the Milliband brothers is original only in the sense that sin is.


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