Thursday, 2 October 2014

The Innocence of Stephen Fry

The BBC reports that Stephen Fry thinks he was the only one whom he hurt with his drug use, and therefore it's different to sex abuse.

Well, it's not my place to comment on which crimes are worse than others. That is, after all,  Richard Dawkins's job. And once he's come back (he's had to go away to learn to think) he'll no doubt set us all to rights.

This Daily Mail story is about a drugs mule who nearly died when his cargo broke open in his stomach.

A woman in this story had drugs shoved up her bottom to get through Customs.

The Medellin cartel raised death squads and assassinated hundreds, formed a private army and fought a legitimate state.

And the first two stories are just two examples of the mules, co-erced, blackmailed or just driven by poverty to do what they do. Filipinos, Jamaicans, others are in prisons all over the world. Some face the death penalty. All driven by the massive rewards that the trade provides.

Stephen Fry is not responsible for any of this. When Pablo Escobar was fighting his war, Stephen Fry had an alibi. He was in a posh house, putting coke up his nose.

Hurting only himself.

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