Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Make All Teachers Wear Hi Viz

Concern from Burton Dasset, fresh back from a day in the Smoke.

While proceeding in a northerly manner in the Somers Town area, Burton noticed a crocodile of schoolchildren. All, in the interests of Health and Safety, wearing hi viz tabards.

So far so eminently sensible, in Burton's view. Indeed, Burton once ordered a giant hi viz for his house, to stop lorries driving into it. Had to take it down after that pilot on the approach to Luton went temporarily blind.

But I digress. Burton's point is this. Given all the kids are dressed up like mini Bob the Builder tribute acts - why not the teachers? Are they not also in the gloomy early North London morning? Or does hi viz only work on under-18s?

Indeed, if a bus driver were to see hi viz-clad kids either side of the road, and none in the middle, they might assume the road was clear and progress. Only to discover that a dark-clad teacher was camouflaged in the middle of the lane.

No, teachers must wear hi viz, at all times and in all places. Even in bed. We've got to keep them safe.

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