Monday, 13 April 2015

Advanced Myers Briggs

When you have to build a team, it's important to understand the balance. Who's the enabler? Who's the worker? Who's the mouthy get who doesn't contribute much but claims the credit and gets the pay rise?

In recent times, Myers Briggs has been very popular in Church circles as a method for people to lie to themselves that they're basically sensitive flowers, when in fact they're prime candidates to run the Herman Goering Division. But it takes time. You have to answer questions. If you feel called to ministry, you've got to work out the right answers to prove on a scientific basis that you're an INFP.

So the Beaker Folk are happy to present the Advanced Myers Briggs method. It's quicker, and proven to be just as accurate.

Step 1: Throw three darts at this board.

Step 2: Add all the scores together.

Step 3: Make up any old drivel to express your personality.

Step 4: Tell everybody you're INFP. And therefore sensitive, spiritual and gentle.

Step 5: Sack the Quire for refusing to respect your authority.


  1. Much relief. Am only 2 of these 4 qualities. Therefore not called to ministry. Phew.

  2. After several attempts, I got Myers Briggs to say I was an INFJ, which is basically the Pisces of Myers Briggs typology.

    (I used to be a Pisces, but I had to give it up when I became a Christian).

  3. Given that the Church is against witch craft, I wonder why they are so devoted to the mumbo-jumbo of Myers-Briggs. I did it while I was in the discernment process alongside Eneagram. And it didn't make a blind bit of difference, I still wasn't selected.

    Now, in LLM trg, we as a group are being subjected to the same process as part of the Worship and Spirituality module, apparently, it can assist us in discerning how and why we worship as we do and will assist us in understanding and developing our spirituality and with others.

    While I accept that self awareness, particularly our strengths and weaknesses and what triggers us and our actions is a useful gift to have, I remain unconvinced of the scientific basis for Myers-Briggs, apart from the personal enrichment of those who proposed it and those who've leaped onto the bandwagon.

    I wonder why this unproven, scieintific gobbdleygook and black art has been allowed to over power the common sense of the church. We've bowed to secular management decision making training and not to the more human way of learning about ourselves by the reflective practice being taught alongside it.

    I will submit to the process, because I wan't to make progress in the training that we're doing, which is proving so worth while, but with a suspicious eye kept on the over emphasis on it when discerning how our can be discerned by a process which isn't subjected to the scientific rigour that you might expect. As an ENFP, you wouldn't expect anything else - would you?

  4. I can never remember what I am supposed to be so don't think it helps at all- and suspect I change every time I'm made to do a Myers Briggs!

  5. They don't seem to have a category for grumpy old bugger.

  6. As an INFJ I seem to be in the majority in the world of spirituality. But as a Number Four on the Enneagram I want to be unique!! What's a girl to do?

    1. Oh, and I'm also an Aries and a Chinese Pig. Make of that what you will.

  7. So what does it mean if you miss the dartboard all three times?

    PS I notice the church treasurer has increased the budget for replacing cruets next financial year. I wonder why that is.


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