Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Beating Out the Gay Demons With Sticks

Inspired by the people running Christian gay conversion therapy. Though wary about the name. After all, some gay Christians might think it's a course on how to transform your attic into a lovely master bedroom with en suite shower room. Also wary about the description of the leader as "earnest and petite". I'm pretty sure that should be "petit". Unless he prefers petite, obviously.  Anyway, we've added a couple of new strands to our "traditional healing and wholeness" programme, with mixed results.

Bad news on our new course for people with same-sex attraction, "Beat the Gay Demons Out with Sticks". Turns out you can't.

Better results, however, on our similar course for people who are into S+M. Everybody came back for the second week.

In fact, some of them even brought friends.

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