Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Churches Closing Their Doors

We hear all the time about "churches closing their doors". And what could be nicer as a village house than a converted Methodist or Baptist chapel, you might wonder? But I never realised the nett rate at which churches are closing, compared to the rate at which they open. Take a minute, have a guess - what do you rcckon?

Then follow this link.

English attendance at church is currently fairly static, as new churches, Pentecostal and Orthodox make up for declining old-fashioned non-conformists. The future of English church looks like being lively, varied, more Bible-believing and more expectant of God's direct action.


  1. Doesn't the Evangelical Alliance recognise Catholic churches as "churches"? I'd guess that there are quite a few closing in the UK, but far more opening in the 3rd World.

    1. I don't know. Do Catholics recognise Evangelicals as being in "churches"?

  2. These figures mean absolutely nothing. In my experience smaller denominations hang on to dying churches longer than Anglicans. I am preaching at a chapel on Sunday whose congregation is usually 4 - 5. And there is another chapel locally that has not functioned for many years but still theoretically 'exists' (and after all, we do believe in the resurrection of the dead, don't we?).


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