Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Is the Editor of the New Scientist an Idiot?

Celebrating the use of the Daily Mail Question Mark by the New Scientist. What do they think they are doing? Everybody knows that the use of the Daily Mail Question Mark - or what I would like to propose we call the Interrodrivel - implies that the actual answer is "No". A phenomenon called "Betteridge's Law".

New Scientist: "Did a falling meteor kick start Christianity?

"Did a falling meteor kick start Christianity?" No.

Did Diana have a secret daughter? No.

Is there a bus on the moon? No.

Did this woman's smart trick have dermatologists livid? No.

Did aliens build the pyramids? No.

Can eating radishes extend your life? Probably not. Eventually your flatulence would catch fire.

Are scientists about to cure death?" Not if they understand the concept of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.

"Was Jesus a Buddhist?"  You're being silly now.

"Has science disprove God?" Contrary to popular belief, it can't even try to.

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  1. The greater miracle then becomes the complete transformation of Paul's life and ministry, let alone his submission to martyrdom, on the basis of a purely natural event.


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