Friday, 10 April 2015

Nietzsche Decides There is No God and Stops Going to Church

Before the service:

Welcomer: Welcome to St Luther's! I'm Hans, who are you?

Nietzsche: Nietzsche.

Welcomer: Bless you.

At the "Introduce yourself to your neighbour" bit:

Gretchen: Hello! I'm Gretchen! I didn't catch your name?

Nietzsche: Nietzsche.

Gretchen: Bless you.

At "Cafe Church:

Barrista: So a latte with an extra shot and cherry syrup. What name shall I put on your cup?

Nietzsche: Nietzsche.

Barrista: Bless you. What name shall I put on the cup?

After the Service:

Minister: So nice to meet you. I hope you enjoyed the service this morning, Herr....?

Nietzsche: Nietzsche.

Minister: Bless you....


  1. He'd have been better off going to St Aloysius*

    * anyone else old enough to remember Aloysius Ignatius Atchison from the Navy Lark?

  2. I might even say hiccup runneth over, but that might be stretching it too far.


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