Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Of Democracy and Direction

I've had some Beaker Folk complaining about the new strategy document, "Shut up and do What you are told - How Confirmation Bias Can Drive Church Growth".

Apparently my decision to adopt a bunch of theories based on my personal preferences is "undemocratic". Well, that's what we call a "category error". Inasmuch as this seems to imply that they think the Beaker Folk are a democracy.

Let's get this straight. We tried democracy in the 80s. And what it proved is, you can't trust people to make decisions. Or rather, you can't trust all of them. I know what I'm doing, obviously. Today, in Russia, the European Union and the Middle East, we're seeing the rolling-back of the failed democratic experiment, in favour of people doing what they're told, or else.

Now to the implementation of my new growth strategy.  I've brought in a bunch of advisers from Tesco, who have unexpectedly become available at decent rates. They'll help us to develop a go ahead,  commercial, consumer orientated growth plan. You can trust them. They've got experience of the real world.

Now can Beaker Folk please stop whining, and just follow. Frankly, if people keep not following me, it's gonna look like I'm not a very good leader,

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  1. It's good to see that you've renewed the principles of good leadership and management 'dictatorism' not an ism in the scientific sense, but well acknowledged in the tragic history of humanity.

    The inevitable outcome will be a revolution for their human rights and a stringing up (metaphorically) of the dictator in due course.

    It's likely that you'll be offered a seat in the House of Lords to clean the Woolsack periodically as do most failed dictators, apart from Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.


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