Monday, 27 April 2015

School Admissions and Unwanted Missions

Fascinating story about the church school that stopped insisting on religious attendance as an entry criterion after complaints by worshippers to the vicar that non-Christians were going to Church to get their kids into the school.

Ignoring the whys and wherefores of the admissions policy, or the implication that Church of England schools are clearly worth getting into - why would any church congregation complain about a mission field just turning up every Sunday like that? Would they also complain about non-regulars turning up at Christmas, Easter and baptisms - all chances to share the joy of the Christian faith to people who've brought themselves along with no effort from the congregation?

Aha. Hnaef has just leaned over my shoulder to read what I am writing, and whispered the words "quite probably". Fair enough.


  1. Let's face it - they have a point, Eileen. It's all right for you, up on the altar, counting the collection plate - but who wants to sit all the way through one of your sermons getting dug in the ribs by the sharp-elbowed brigade?

    Anyway, it is a temporary phenomenon, as they all move to a broom-cupboard in the catchment area of the nearest "good" secondary school within 5 years.

  2. I worked in a C of E school in a deprived area with a terrible reputation once. None of this prayers for places stuff. Maybe someone should have told all the parents wanting a C of E school for their kids that some of them have spare places....


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