Saturday, 11 April 2015

The Boat Race That Defies Patriarchy and the Laws of Physics

On this day when we remember Trenton Airbag, we also mark the good news that the women of Oxford and Cambridge also get to be televised in their own Boat Race today. Obviously this is a small step forward. Personally I can't wait until plucky Anglia Ruskin gets through to the final. Presumably both they and Bedfordshire University get knocked out in the heats every year.

But this from the BBC had me worried.
"Their crew will be almost a kilo per rower lighter than that of Cambridge on Saturday as they race an hour earlier than the men"
I'm presuming that Cambridge are less affected by the relativistic effects of the speed they're travelling at? Otherwise how could their respective weights be so drastically affected by the time dimension?

Ah me. As Peter Cook would say, you shouldn't say two things together like that. It could confuse a stupid person.

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  1. Maybe they're rowing in a TARDIS which would explain why they got to the finishing line so far in front f Cambridge Ladies (I write as an ex Cambridge Sweaty Betty)


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