Sunday, 5 April 2015

The Gibbon Moon Folk and the Blood Moon

The Gibbon Moon Folk are, on the surface, a simple bunch. Dedicated to the belief that the moon is eaten by a giant gibbon every month, they are constantly terrified at the time of the gibbous moon (from mishearing which they get their name). But normally they relax around full moon. when they believe things are safe.

Except when you get a blood moon. According to the Gibbon Moon Folk, a blood moon means the end of the world. The fact that these phenomena happen all the time, and so far the world hasn't ended, doesn't change their minds. All they've gotta hear is the words "Blood Moon" and immediately they believe that the Moon Gibbon has run amok and the moon is running with the blood of murdered Clangers. At which point they invariably run screaming into the woods and hide.

They're in the woods screaming as I write. They spend a lot of time terrified, and a lot of time freezing cold and getting scratched by brambles. But the Gibbon Moon Folk reckon the apocalyptic certainty is worth it. After all, they ask, how could anyone cope with the future? Much better to expect it all to end at any time. And next time, after all, probably really will be it.


  1. Apocalypses are not so bad really. Just ensure you have set your alarm-gong, before self-inducing a magical sleep, and trust that a couple of nosy Victorian children happen along and wake you up in time to get to the next new world.

    What say you we sell the gibbon people to research scientists , split the take, and go to Margate for our holidays?

  2. No.1 Son ran into the living room last night and shouted; "Blood Moon!" Didn't have a clue what he was on about at first.


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