Friday, 19 June 2015

The Newest Pagan Temple in the World

Really curious about the first modern day pagan temple in England, as reported in the Newark Advertiser. Obviously we respect all beliefs and nuns, but if people are going to enact pagan renewalist movements simply by paganifying Christian ritual, I feel I should at least get royalties.

But it's this paragraph that makes me wonder:

“We do not knock on people’s doors or thrust it down their throats. A lot of people who want spiritual guidance but do not know where to turn and are not satisfied with the conventional religions are looking to Odinism as an alternative.”

Maybe it's just me. But wasn't Odinism all about smashing down people's doors and ramming cold steel into their throats?

They don't make pagans like they used to.


  1. Poor GK Chesterton must be turning in his grave. When he wanted to illustrate a point about dead religions, he wrote:
    "Just try to blaspheme Odin,"
    - and here, people are making it possible.
    Sometimes I feel as if I'm in a science fiction novel or short story, probably by JG Ballard, in which everything is going into reverse, time running backwards and the Second Law of thermodynamics (or one of them, anyway) has gone bonkers.

  2. Interesting to read that the Priest or Priestess wears a simple white surplus ......... Pair of cricket trousers? Dressing gown? French maids outfit? Will a new fashion catch on in the Moot House?

  3. Are they giving the Pagans (your lot) a bad name.

    After all, they've probably read your blog extensively and are modelling themselves on you. The pagan Priest(ess) is substituting Cricket trousers for a Cricket Bat, so probably a bit gentler, but I'm not convinced that you're not just jealous of the publicity that they've attracted.

    After all, this 'Fressh Expression' of paganism makes your efforts look quite old hat really. And your free publicity for them will help them with their recruitment down the Job Centre for Volunteers for human sacrifice.


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