Tuesday 2 June 2015

Should God be referred to as a Woman?

... that Telegraph poll missed an option.

I've corrected it for them.

The Telegraph confuses Bishop Libby with God

And the result is....

"It doesn't matter what your opinion is. God is what God is. This is not a subject for a petition on the government website. You don't get a vote."

To clarify - this is not a criticism of calling God "Father". God is the one from whom all good fatherhood (and motherhood, for that matter) flow.


  1. I would like to popularize the use of the third person plural for God - though it could get a bit messy in interfaith conversations.

  2. Yes, on occasion, particularly when delivering services to WestBoro Baptist Church :)

  3. If God is ineffable, the question is meaningless.

    Anyway, the concept of male and female is a relatively recent phenomenon, way after God is supposed to have created the universe.

  4. That said, Mother does sound more nurturing and less concerned with ear and nose hair, bald patches and middle-aged spread - and not forgetting smiting. The less smiting goes on, the better.

    1. Were you never smited/smitten/smote by your mother? And as for bald patches & middle-age spread...

    2. You have a point, although Father's smiting was far more severe.

  5. Political correctness gone mad. Next thing, women will be wanting to read the lessons in church.


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