Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Wise Words from Oscar Wilde

"Religion comforts you in your illness. But antibiotics make your better"
- Oscar Wilde


  1. Ooo, he was prescient too.

  2. Only until the farmers cottoned onto prophylactic doses for livestock and rendered us all immune to the wonder drugs.

  3. I never realised Oscar's knees came straight out of his pelvis. I'm sure that explains a lot

  4. Na, Wilde never said that. It was Socrates, just before he died, you know, during that unfortunate medicine bottle mix up.

  5. Poor Oscar, he could have done with some antibiotics, too, he died of syphilis after all.

    1. Well it's generally believed it was actually meningitis caused by a complication from an ear infection. But either way, I feel really bad now.

  6. IIRC, there are several references in Oscar's correspondence to him having a dose and then getting better - in those days they didn't realise that it was the same dose going into a different stage and then recurring (James Boswell earlier made the same mistake). So the intractable ear infection/abscess, which at the time was put down to a blow on the head during his imprisonment, I think, may well have been a symptom of the French Disease.

    Please don't feel bad. He'd have been dead by now, anyway.


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