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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Stirring Up

Brilliant. Got to Tesco to get the ingredients for the Stir Up Sunday pudding, and the last raisins had apparently been snatched up by a Baptist minister. Ended up at Denbigh in search of them.

Yes, all over the country, the old tradition of Stir Up Sunday is being revived. Kids all over the place are having a Sunday off normal church in favour of getting their hands into raisins, flour and eggs - all the earthy stuff that is brought together to make a pudding. No electronics, no data projection, no twitterfalls. A gritty, resistant, stodgy, incarnational activity. God was made human, and we make a cake.

It's a brilliant concept.. People coming together in a shared endeavour. Having fun, rejoicing in the real, enjoying our sheer worldiness. In denominations far beyond the Anglicans it originally made sense to.

It's so much fun, maybe one year we might even have a crack at the Collect.


  1. I don't like puddings or fruit cake, so I'm planning to make a sausage casserole instead. It was also easier to get the ingredients.

  2. I believe that the tradition was invented in the mid twentieth century by the late lamented Norman Painting, writing as Bruno Milna, and will die out shortly after the sainted Jill Archer stops reminding us of it every year.


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