Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Being David Walker

In a world containing billions of people, it's not surprising that some people have the same first and second names - the premise on which the entire book "Are you Dave Gorman?" was based.

But there's only one famous Dave Gorman (two - if you include the erstwhile assistant manager of East Fife). But a name that is statistically slightly more common, apparently has a much greater success rate in people of moderate celebrity.

This is quite a selection. I have only met one of them (David Walker). However I do wonder. Is the Walker clan unique in that all its members called "David" are successful? Or is there a simpler explanation? Is David Walker simultaneously the Bishop of Manchester, a Catholic bishop, a cartoonist, a rock singer, an astronaut, a 19th Century Civil Rights activist and Polly Toynbee's accident-preventing partner? 

Nah, probably not. Nobody could cope with the pressure, surely. Not even David Walker.


  1. You should try David Green. There are two vicars of that name in Rochester Diocese let alone all the other suspects!

  2. If I ever have a David that needs walking, I always look in the yellow pages under David walkers.

  3. I hadn't worried about dopplegangers until I went onto facebook, I was distressed to find that about fifty other people have the nerve to 'take my name in vain' and pretend to be me.

    This is destroying my credibility - there is no way that I'm the person who walks tightropes, or the one who cross dresses as Dame Edna Everidge, or the one who sells sexual aids, nor the one who appears to be in a multiple marriage relationships, with 4 partners, not all of the same gender, nor the one who plays football for Preston North End, nor the one who is in the running to be governor of Florida - and endless others. Mind you, I wouldn't mind being the me married to that Cindy Lauper, whose gorgeous voice would keep me engaged for a long time.


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