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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Football is Defiance

People think football is a religion, and supporters worship players.

I've never seen it that way, and I think Nick Hornby put it best when he said that footballers are our representatives. That's why we are so rude when they don't perform.

Our respective French and English representatives did us proud this evening. Here are some symbols of defiance against darkness:

The sun rising
Loving somebody from another religion
Thinking things will be better this time
Trying again
Kicking a football when some loser tried to bomb the last game.

The darkness has to be defied. Ever since Michael threw Satan out of heaven.

The darkness has to be defied. That's the only positive thing it's for.

(Title taken from Hugo Lloris's post-match interview).


  1. I'm pretty allergic to football, but all credit to these guys for playing the match, and for showing that England and France are united against the forces of Satan.

  2. I'm no football fan either, but what they did was right and proper and very moving.


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