Thursday, 3 December 2015

From the Sub-Lime....

Real trouble with the Beaker cess pit. It's been clagged up something chronic thanks to the lime deposits from the local hard water.

We've never had this problem until the Community grew to its current size.

I suppose it's a matter of scale.


  1. In search of the sublyme? I must make that trip to Newcastle that I've been promising myself!

  2. The problems with sub-prime are well known - they lead to austerity and Gordon Brown being made redundant.

  3. My car fell to pieces when it rained because it had a calcium car-bonnet.

  4. Is it a cess-pit or a septic tank? Big difference. A cess-pit is just a hole in the ground in which the, er, cess accumulates until it threatens to overflow and has to be pumped out. A septic tank is a beautiful piece of natural engineering (I've got one, built in the 1950s and still working) whereby the cess is converted into inoffensive materials and the fluids drain away.

    However, a septic tank has to be treated with knowledgeable respect, and that means not putting certain things into it which will damage the indigenous bacterial population. You can chuck what you like into a cess-pit, nothing will make it any worse than it already is.

  5. And there was I comparing a Septic Tank to those we used to have in our Armoured Brigade in Germany in the 1980's - with an inbuilt loo facility for the crew, when one went in a battenened down tank, the smell pervaded the whole vehicle and probably exited via the gun muzzle, the breech being left open for that possibility. Otherwise full Nucclear, Biological and chemical warfare kit and respirator was highly reccomended.


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