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Friday, 11 December 2015

Outrageous Heresy

I'm sorry.

I don't like the poetry of Gerald Manley Hopkins. It's clunky.

There. I've said it.


  1. It's all those springs in the rhythm that keep sprunging about.... but lovely phrases leap out ("spring out") to linger in the memory

  2. You are wrong not to like his poetry, utterly wrong.

  3. He was struggling to be Welsh. Are you having an Anne Robinson moment?

  4. I can just about cope with this strange lapse in your judgement. After all, I've lived for years with your equally bizarre liking for the turgid misery of Hardy's indigestible prose.

  5. Dear Archdruid,
    In my humble opinion, you are spot on. I've always found his style somewhat adolescent. His poems hit like battering rams on tissue paper. It pre-empts the punk poets of nearly 40 year ago but without the humour. I'll get kicked out of Oxford for writing this....


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