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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Festival of Pink Trousers

A reminder to all Beaker People that today is the Festival of Pink Trousers. Not red. Especially not red. Terracotta is acceptable, as are salmon and rose. But not red.

I'm not quite clear on why today is the Festival of Pink Trousers. But it is. And you're all supposed to be happy.

So cheer up. That is not optional.


  1. Today is known as 'Gaudete Sunday' and some Priests will be wearing Rose vestments for Mass today. (Others who may not have a set of vestments in Rose - Priests don't like to call it pink! - will be still in penitential purple) Gaudete means rejoice - and be happy - and it is a mid-Advent relaxation reminding us of the joy of Christmas during the penitential season.

    1. Were you listening to my sermon this morning? ;)

    2. Were you wearing terracotta slacks?

    3. They were in the wash. I got my dates mixed up.

  2. Whereas I normally get pink clothes when I get the colours mixed up in the wash.

  3. I understand it has something to do with a former custom of the Pope giving roses to monarchs on this Sunday and the mid Sunday in Lent. That no longer happens, but the Archdruid of Canterbury does give his wife or husband a box of roses chocolates in memory of the former custom.


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