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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Guardian Reading and the Terminally Self-Unaware

Just reading the Guardian website, as we pinko-liberal types do. Vaguely-interesting piece on perceived visual cues in txt-speak.

Made the mistake of reading the comments btl. Mistake. At least it was better than the comments under the article about the WI banning a woman from breastfeeding. Then I read this comment. I apologise for the swear word. It's biological rather than blasphemous, and fairly mild really.

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Dweeb44 begs many questions. In which contexts is the expression  "social networking" correctly capitalized? Likewise for Instagram. But most of all - in what universe does Dweeb44 think commenting on a forum below a Guardian article is not social media? (Or, if you prefer, Social Media). Is this a form of Magrittesque surrealism? Is Dweeb44 an abstract philosophical performance artist? Or is Dweeb44 merely someone whose judgementalism is exceeded only by their self-righteousness and lack of self-awareness?

Here's a clue. Dweeb44 is commenting on a Guardian article.


  1. How would e.e. cummings have texted?

  2. Social Networking is the name of the toilet. Obviously. Proper noun.

    Give me a few minutes to work on the other points.

  3. It's not texting that people need to give up, it's reading the Guardian website; I have shunned it since they published an article that criticised salad eaters.


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