Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Sermon for the Service People Come to Once a Year

It's nice to see you all again, as we gather once again around the crib to remember the Little Baby Jesus, born for us in Bethlehem.

And I realise I probably won't see you again till next Christmas. And I can understand that. This holy night you get warm fuzzies. But it all gets a bit darker shortly - although there's a good bit on Easter Sunday, it's all a bit challenging. And then after Easter there's those dull 9 months to be counted off till next Christmas. No wonder you'd rather wash the car; or watch the kids play football; or just stay in bed.

So I'm not going to lecture you about your utter hypocrisy - what's the point? I won't try and tell you it's pretty good the rest of the year - you won't believe me even if it's true. No, I won't be wondering where you are every Sunday from now till the next carol service.

But just one plea. Any chance you could fill in a standing order? It'll be just like being here every week. But without the sermons.

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