Saturday, 16 August 2008

Full Moon / Remembrance of Elvis Presley

On this particularly solemn day, can we have a little less conversation before the ceremonies?

We will remember the guidance of this great man, who told us don't be cruel, and don't let your cheating heart lead to you crying in the chapel. Otherwise you'll realise you've lost that loving feeling. You will wonder, was anyone else a fool such as I? You need to be all shook up. So let your wooden heart be softened. Realise you've got a lot of living to do - it's now or never. And we can receive burning love, and look forward to peace in the valley, where we will enjoy paradise hawaiian style.

At this last full moon of summer, Hnaef will be re-lighting the fire. Having bought himself a new lighter, he will be using his latest flame.

The Clambake will be held in the Orchard, once we've re-laid the turf over the picture of a turtle that was cut into it overnight.

Today's liturgical dress: Blue Suede Shoes.


  1. I'm surprised that the Archdruid thinks it was a turtle cut into the turf. As far as I can tell, it wasn't nothing but a hound dog.


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