Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Welcome to Dominga

We are happy to welcome Dominga, our exchange visitor from the Nazca people of Peru.

The Nazca people dedicate their lives to revealing the underlying power of the earth by making animal and geometric symbols in their back gardens. They believe this taps into the same energies as the original Nazca folk who created the gigantic pictures in the Peruvian desert.

Dominga claims to be descended from the original Nazca people on her mother's side. Can't say whether this is true or not, but she's certainly a dab hand at the Pan Pipes, so a great help to our evening worship. Not that it could be much work. The sound of Burton's arhythmic tabor playing while Grigor warbles aimlessly on the flute would frankly disgrace Celtic Christianity, let alone something as authentic as Beaker Worship.
On an unrelated matter, please be careful while walking around the Ceremonial Votive Pits. After all last night's rain, they're completely full and some Beaker People returning from the White Horse last night nearly drowned. They're due to be filled in next Full Moon, so you don't need to be too careful for too long. In the interests of health and safety we've put red-and-white stripted tape around them, and we're lighting some yellow lamps at night. Makes them not very sacred-looking, but you can't be too careful.

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