Saturday, 2 August 2008

The Lammas Lies Down

So the whole Lammas / Solar Eclipse was slightly disappointing. We finally managed to upload Filstarkix's pictures, using his special Solar Eclipse lens, onto the community PC, only to discover that he had been pointing the camera the wrong way. All the photos that we initially thought showed the surface of the moon, turned out to be the top of his head.

And Lammas itself. Well, it's clearly a pagan festival, as documented in the official records that go all the way back to... ooh, well at least 1957. And it's meant to be an early harvest festival, celebrating the bringing-in of the wheat. Wheat's in short supply in the Beaker Allotment, so the festival had to be slightly tweaked to whatever produce was being brought in. OK, so beetroot is hardly a substitute. But it's still the fruit of the earth. And yes, Drayton shouldn't have eaten quite so much beetroot to celebrate the festival. But no-one was to know that his face would go quite so red. And the tests at Milton Keynes General have confirmed that all the other medical danger signs he was showing were also simply indicative of beetroot poisoning. He's on an intravenous drip of pickling vinegar, and we're hoping he'll be back to normal within a week or two.

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