Sunday 18 January 2009

Burton's Great Adventure

As comments to our previous news may have hinted, sending Burton out on the Agnostibike in the middle of last night's really rather foul weather may not have been unwise.
OK, in point of fact he didn't actually fly over Milton Keynes, but he tells us that is roughly the feeling he had as he was swept sideways by a gust of wind as he went past McDonald's in Kingston. Also when he had to climb out of a ditch after taking evasive action in the back lanes between Wavendon and Woburn Sands.
But the good news is, he seems to have done more praying lately than he has in a while. So all in all, a success.

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  1. I think it is mean to dispute Burtons story, (were you following him?) how do you know he didn't come by those bruises due to a crash after flying elegantly through the air for several miles????


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