Saturday, 24 January 2009

Inter-faith issues

Once again we seem to have inadvertently fouled up on the inter-faith front.  Last time was the unfortunate occasion when the living gods of the Guinea Pig Folk of Stewartby formed part of the barbecue.  At least this time no deities died.
This was all due to the New Moon All-Age Festival.  We chose quite a modern children's song, "A time for everything", on the grounds that it effectively has no identifiable theology and we therefore thought it was safe from offending other groups that were visiting our "Celebration of Faith" weekend.  But no.
The Aslan Worshippers of Ampthill took great exception to the chorus.  They seemed to think we were singing "Na Na Na Narnia" and therefore disrespecting their sacred land.  In the event, as seems inevitable in any event where we try to encourage mutual respect and understanding, an almighty fight broke out.  It would appear no real harm was done, but a number of marsh-wiggles ended up in the Casualty unit at MK General.  

Oh - and if anyone should meet a talking mouse, can you be careful?  He'll have someone's eye out with that sword. 

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