Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Women Bishops - Alternative Press Coverage

I haven't read the Daily Mail yet today. Or this week. Or, indeed, this year - apart from the odd article online. And when I say "odd article"...

But on this official Second Day of Summery Weather, I can imagine what headlines are finding their way in. Warnings of smog due to the combination of diesel particulates would be prevalent, I imagine. Skin cancer rate statistics. Warnings that global warming will cause Harry Redknapp to migrate northwards. It's the usual stuff.

The Sun's photographers will be down on Brighton sea-front, taking photos of students from the University of Sussex on the beach.

The Telegraph will be hoping something vaguely newsworthy will happen near large numbers of "fruity girls", as Private Eye would call them. The O****** Torch would seem to be the perfect opportunity here, as it will be vaguely newsworthy for weeks to come and carried by a fair number of attractive young people.

And the Independent will presumably cover something uplifting like the tractor production numbers in Cuba.

And it strikes me that for all the excitement it causes to minor sections of the Telegraph, and to some parts of the Church, the fuss about women bishops in the Church of England will be largely ignored. It's dull, it's hideously complicated, and it's dragged on too long, and it's irrelevant to nearly everyone. It all seems so 1960s - everyone else has got over this kind of thing.

And it's sunny.

But then, look at the alternative...

The Telegraph: "18-year-old Suzie and her friend Jessica Ffitz-Stanley celebrate her selection as suffragan bishop of Keighley"

The Mail: "Global Warming could cause Flying Bishops to migrate to Sweden for cooler temperatures, Forward-in-Faith scientists warn."

The Sun: "When I heard the Church of England was ordaining women bishops, I though they mitre remembered me," - Zoe, 19, Aquarius.

The Guarndia: "Why won't everybody think like me?" - Polly Toynbee

The Express: "Princess Diana told me she would have made a great bishop", says butler.

The Mirror: "My sympathy for brave women who become bishops" - Fiona Phillips


  1. The Independent: Cuban tractor production expected to rise by 1.72% next year

  2. At least John Bishop is doing well..

  3. Sweden might be a poor choice of place for a Flying Bishop to fly to in search of an all-male orthodoxy; don't they have women bishops already?


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