Saturday 1 April 2017

The War on Easter

Can all Beaker Folk please note that today is the first day of "Eggmas." It should have been the Spring Eggwinox same as normal, but St Joseph's Day was transferred because Sunday so Eggmas had to be moved as well.

Eggmas is the first day of the year when you are allowed to complain that the word "Easter" is not on Easter eggs. My favourite complainant from last year was this from Fr David Palmer, quoted by the Telegraph:
“Easter on the back? - Jolly decent of you. I brought 60 Creme eggs for the kids at my Church. Shan't next year.”

Crème eggs are on sale from 1 January. They have never been labelled as "Easter" eggs - or not that I remember. If the good Father knew his history he wouldn't get so over-egg-cited.

Still, the point is valid. After all, the Easter Egg's been in eggsistence ever since that first Third Monday in Lent when Judas demanded to know why Mary Magdalene was busy pouring molten chocolate into moulds so early.

My feeling is that last year's eggstravagant complaints were a clever marketing ploy by the Real Easter Egg Co to get their name in all the papers. But we've got the chance now once again to get Christianity associated with killjoy hysteria so let's go for it. Complain about the pagan eggs! Blame it on fear of Islamic eggstremism, rampant seggularism or Hen Livingstone.

But just remember. We may be called to be all things to albumen. But St Paul told us not to be yolked together with unbelievers.


  1. very funny ... but yes, it's sadly true that 'we've got the chance now once again to get Christianity associated with killjoy hysteria so let's go for it'

  2. All white: calm down, everyone. I'm looking forward to the end of Lent so that we can sing The Gloria in Eggshellsis again.

  3. Joy Webb from the Joystrings even wrote a song about it, that has subsequently become very popular with brass bands and young people learning to play the cornet: "Share My Yolk"

  4. Is this something to do with Breggsit?

  5. Obviously Breggsit means Breggsit & the only answer must be an omelette, lovely

    1. Ommelettes sound far too European. Scrambled eggs surely!

  6. Mary Magdalene did some very interesting prestidigitation with an egg and impressed a Roman emperor.


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