Sunday, 23 April 2017

St George's Day is Every Day

So I was all set to celebrate the St George's Day service today. Got the dragon costume for Burton Dasset to wear. And set Charlii up with the lance with which Burton was terribly hurt last year. I love tradition. And the Beaker version of the story, in which St Georgina tells the hapless princess that she's a victim of patriarchy, sitting around waiting to be rescued, and should kill the dragon herself, is always a triumph.

But then a vicar on Twitter told me it was tomorrow.

So instead of holding it today we're going to hold it on the Sunday nearest the 23rd April, like we always do.

Which is today.

Now I just wish I could remember which book of the Bible the story of St George is in.

Does the Church of England still think it's Shakespeare's birthday? Or does that get transferred too?

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  1. Is Shakespeare a Saint? Judging by those who write about him, he must be. He gets more printings than any other book, except the Bible, and in Stratford upon Avon, a whole pilgrimage site is available to those who worship him. In the same way, the Globe Theatre in London is dedicated to him work and memory. Even Arch Bishops of Canterbury don't have such memorials.


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