Thursday, 20 June 2019

In Memoriam: "Sykes" from Midsomer Murders

Creepy Vicar: And so we come to say goodbye to the only normal character in Midsomer Murders.

New Age Cultists: Not a creepy vicar.

Angry Pub Landlord: Nor a New Age Cultist.

Adulterous Farmer: Nor an angry pub landlord.

Smug Copper: Nor an adulterous farmer.

Patronised Sidekick: Nor a smug copper.

Woman who is improbably involved in the local community: Nor a patronised sidekick.

Spurned Lover: Nor a women who is improbably involved in the local community.

Scary Shopkeeper: Nor a spurned lover.

Sykes: Nor a scary shopkeeper. Woof! Bye!

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  1. Ahhh Poor Syksie. The best actor in the series.
    (and the best looking).


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