Monday 25 November 2019


What a special time of the year! As Stir-Up Sunday falls in the Octave of Black Friday, we move into that phase of the Brexival period called "Vexmas".

A curious, liminal, half-tinted time. Each one has their own way of marking Vexmas. Some are complaining that Black Friday lasts a week - ignoring the massive benefits to Retail logistics of not having to shift 10% of your online sales in a day. 

Some, such as the Beaker Festive Folk, are already decking the halls with tacky tinsel. While the John Lewis ad is being skipped past just like in the good old days, by families gathered together round the Sky Q.

But the real traditionalists, harking back to the old days, are still complaining about the sound system at the Remembrance Parade. And that one of the cubs was wearing the wrong colour socks.

Ah, it's the most wonderful time of the year.


  1. We are waiting for the Nativity play at our local school. And a run on Tea Towels and Granny's old Kaftans pinned up to fit the children. Always fun to see, while the very life like, Baby Jesus doll is dropped several times by the Boy playing Mary, and being scolded by the girl playing Joseph. Taking equal opportunities to their limites.

  2. The non-Christmas decorations are now up in my town. I even spotted a large shamrock this year which I suppose goes with all the other non-Christmas decorations. Any visitor from another planet would have no idea what we will shortly be celebrating. Sad.


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