Saturday, 21 December 2019

Dry Out, Solstice Bells

Archdruid: The sun rises before the darkest day.

All: Well I can't see it...

Archdruid: Have faith, little ones.

All: Like you told us we wouldn't need coats?

Archdruid: Truly I tell you, if you had faith as much as a raindrop the clouds would break and the solstice sun would reveal itself in all its glory.

All: Where's your faith then? Archdruid, prove thyself.

Archdruid: Frankly it's being dragged back by yours. 

All: And also with you!

Archdruid: Now ring out, wild solstice bells!

Hnaef: They won't. The clappers have rusted in all the rain.

Archdruid: Any alternatives?

Hnaef: We brought the kazoos and vuvuzelas.

Archdruid: Then ring out, wild solstice kazoos and vuvuzelas!

Hnaef: Or is it vuvuzelae?

Archdruid: Who cares? Just give us one verse of "You'll Never Walk Alone" and we can get in the dry.

Charlii: Hang on! I just checked and it's Solstice tomorrow.

Archdruid: Ah. OK, see you at 4 for a repeat of the "Solstice Sunset" ritual.

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  1. I'm not sure how you tell which day it is - they seem to be the same length for four days running


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