Monday, 2 December 2019

Advent Imagined and Advent As It Is

Advent ImaginedAdvent As It Is
Gazing at the sunriseGazing at Amazon
O Come, O Come ImmanuelStep into Xmas
A quiet meditationTurkey and Tinsel
The Four Last ThingsThe 5th Works Do
A chapter of Luke Each DayRetweeting a meme about Boris Johnson and the rear end of a donkey
Looking meaningfully at the darkling skyScreaming inside in Morrisons
And is it true?Which present isn't too dodgy for the Secret Santa?
How will the end be?The dog's eaten the tinsel
Making space for thoughtWhat rough beast, its hour come at last, slouches to the Rose and Crown?
Repentance and FastingFear and Loathing
"I am coming soon"Next-day delivery
Walking around a lake in the gathering gloom, imagining how our ancestors would have gathered themselves around the fire.Defrosting the car prior to a 100 mile trip to see an uncle who hates you
A Spaceman came travellingA woman unravelling
"O" AntiphonsOh what now?
The deep past, when ploughing was over for the year and all there was to do was wait until spring.The present day, when you still have to go to work till Xmas Eve even though you mentally checked out in November
A Time to ThinkMaking 104 Christingles

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  1. here, have a bit of happiness

    'angel in a rocket! angel in a rocket!'

  2. Never sure whether this is tongue in cheek or a reflection on the reality of many of us. No mention here of Christmas Cards, who do we offend by not sending one or forgetting them as we compile our list of cards. Our church has taken the initiative by asking people to post one card on a notice board for everyone and donating the money saved to the food bank or night shelter. Both worthy recipients, but perhaps donating the unused cards to them for distribution might be just as useful?


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