Saturday, 21 December 2019

Solstice Sunset

A Nice View of the Sun
Archdruid: Right. Is it the right day this time?

Burton Dasset: No. According to my Star Gazing book, it's Summer Solstice.

Charlii: You're holding it upside down, you idiot. We're good to go, Eileen.

Archdruid: The sun sets before the longest night. We sing the Sad Solstice Song.

All: Raise your banners high. Don't die, sun, don't die.

Archdruid: We light the Solstice Candle to rage against the dying of the light.

All: Ooooh

Young Keith: And behold as the drizzle and wind blow it out.

All: Aaaah.

Archdruid: Behold the glory of the setting sun!

All: We can't. It's behind all the clouds again...

Archdruid: Then ring out, wild solstice bells!

Hnaef: They can't. The....

Archdruid: The clappers still rusted?

Hnaef: Indeed.

Archdruid: And I smashed all the vuvuzelas this morning...

Hnaef: Mouth organ?

Archdruid: Yeah crack on. Liverpool are on soon.

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  1. I wondered about this solstice stuff, yesterday evening, the Sun set about 3.40 pm (or was so covered by cloud, it felt like it). I was pondering on going out to the garden and dancing (semi-clothed) in the pouring rain, but my spouse decided that she'd call the blokes in the white coats if I even threatened it.

    So I put up with going on ancestry and trying to find any druids or witches or worlocks in my ancestry. But nothing to find, they were obviously good at covering up their life styles.


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