Thursday, 7 May 2020

Not an Equal Competition

A friend shared this cartoon, showing Boris Johnson as a WW1 captain leading his army over the top while the enemy (the coronavirus, Covid19) waits patiently, luring him into a trap.

I think it's a real mistake, personalising the virus in this way. It's what Donald Trump did, when he claimed it was so smart it had managed to avoid being treated by antibiotics. It's what the Tory party does when it refers to our approach to the pandemic as if it were a war. Clumps of RNA and proteins can't fall for propaganda, plan air strikes, or make invasion plans. They're just what they are.

We shouldn't treat a mindless bundle of genetic material, programmed only to reproduce, as if it were an intelligent, sentient creature.

And we shouldn't depict the Covid19 virus like that, either.

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