Saturday, 9 May 2020

The Great Flugelhorn Catastrophe

You see, I get it. I know everyone wants to try and be productive and to develop their inner selves, during this strange time of lockdown. Which is why it's good that people should want to try to write books, to paint, to create great poetry. To learn new languages or musical instruments.

And so Burton Dasset decided this is the month to learn the flugelhorn. And when he kicked off at 9pm with Gabriel's Oboe, he did it safe in the knowledge that I can't get at him to stop him.

Albeit unfortunately for Burton, he though the vents in the floor of his room were just for central heating and air conditioning. And didn't realise I can push any gas I like through them.

He's sleeping soundly now. And when he wakes up in the morning, I'll let him know. Next time it's going to smell of almonds. If he's lucky, it'll just be marzipan aroma.

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  1. Every sympathy. We once had a neighbour who regularly practised on the euphonium way after midnight!


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