Monday, 14 September 2020

Christian Twitter Controversy Calendar - Holy Cross to Michaelmas

Mon 14 September (Holy Cross Day) - Penal Substitutionary Atonement
Tue 15 September (Nicetas the Goth) - Can Goths be Christians?
Wed 16 September (St Edith of Wilton) - Are carpets acceptable in church?
Thu 17 September (Hildegard of Bingen) - Little glasses for communion
Fri 18 September - Should we make church more relevant to people, or people more relevant to church?
Sat 19 September - Little glasses for communion
Sun 20 September - Trump v Biden
Mon 21 September - Opening churches during Coronavirus: DudeBros v Snowflakes 
Tue 22 September - Little glasses for communion
Wed 23 September - Liturgical colours for hazard tape?
Thu 24 September  (Our Lady of Walsingham) - Our Lady, and Walsingham
Fri 25 September (St Firmin) - Is running with bulls Covid secure?
Sat 26 September - Little glasses for communion
Sun 27 September - Stella Maris - term of adoration, or spelling mistake?
Mon 28 September - "Not enough teaching because of Zoom"
Tue 29 September (Michaelmas) - Can you be a saint if you're an angel? 
Wed 30 September - Why did you say it was till Michaelmas and then do today as well? Also - little glasses for communion.
Thu 1 October - All the non-conformists wonder what's the deal with little glasses for communion.  

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  1. Specifically, this non-Anglican would like to know why you insist on a common cup, but are happy to use separate wafers instead of breaking chunks off a common loaf.

    1. Because we're Anglican and we think we can make the rules.

    2. It is those who are not of the Church of England who use common cups in their worship. Our cups are far from common. In fact, they are rather special as they belong to the Queen.

  2. 1st October. All the non-Anglicans?? I think the churches which comprise around two thirds of Christians would know full well the problem with little glasses for communion!

  3. Thursday 1st October Yes this non-Anglican is baffled.


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