Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Keeping out Cold in the Time of Covid

With the new Government rules (I won't bother linking to them - they'll only change tomorrow) on groups in
QR Code: "Dom knows where you are"
worship I've had to reconsider the traditional Beaker Way of keeping warm during worship.

The Beaker Folk have, once the weather gets a bit parky, had a tradition of snuggling down in the Moot House during corporate worship under giant snug fleeces. It's a kind of group hug without any actual physical unnecessary contact. And I'm pleased to say that even though there is in general a "Rule of 6" this does not apply to Beaker Folk using fleeces.


(Drum roll) 

It's not a blanket exemption. 

I'm also being asked whether we need to put a QR code up on the Moot House door, for people to scan as they come in. 

But it's not black and white.

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