Monday, 21 September 2020

Liturgy for The Last Day of Summer

Beaker Folk, in groups of no more than 6, gather in the Orchard. Unless they live in a "bubble" of more than 6, in which case they can gather in their bubble of more than 6. 

Song (with which nobody must join in): Last Day of Summer (MacColl)
Sunset over the King Stone, Lt Rollright

Archdruid: Let us sanitise our mitts.

All: We sanitise them for the common good.

Archdruid: Let us put on our masks.

All: It is meet and right so to do.

Archdruid: Can you smell the year a-turning? The ploughed earth exhales as it rests from its labour.

All: Can only smell sanitiser, tbh.

Archdruid: Can you hear the birds singing their last songs of summer?

All: Nope, just Burton coughing from the sanitiser going up his nose.

Hymn: Theme from Last of the Summer Wine

Archdruid: We pour out the last of the summer wine.

Hnaef: Can you at least pour it in here? Saves waste.

Archdruid: The crops are brought it. The beanstalks ploughed into the ground. The world turns. The government told us to get out and shop...

All: And now they tell us we were reckless.

Archdruid: They told us to eat out to help out.

All: And now it turns out we were covidiots.

Archdruid: They told us to get into the offices even when we didn't need to.

All: And we ignored them. Going the office isn't as much fun as 2 for 1s on Rishi Two-Snacks. 

Archdruid: And so we turn to the setting sun.

All: And figure it's gonna be a long cold winter.

Archdruid: Let us be kind, and cut each other some slack.

All: Or it's gonna be even longer. 

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