Sunday 20 December 2020

A Child's Christmas Nursery Tale of 2120

 "And so, children, Boris Johnson became only the second English leader to cancel Christmas."

 "Who was the first? "

 "Oliver Cromwell. He was a man who thought he knew what God wanted, and liked to tell people what to do."

 "And was Boris Johnson like that?"

 "No. He didn't like telling people what to do. And he didn't want to think too much about what God wanted."

 "So was he good at leading? "

 "No. He always made the decisions he'd said would be bad decisions, but too late."

 "So if he didn't like telling people what to do and he wasn't any good at it, why did he become the leader?"

 " He thought he'd enjoy it. "

 "And did he enjoy it?"


  1. And this picture says, "Why would you trust me to run the country when I don't even know how to comb my hair?"

    1. Having groomed hair does not make a competent leader--at least on this side of the pond.


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